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Pause and Acknowledge

“Oh, this will be fun,” I thought.  That’s the way it always starts: “You know what would be fun?” In December of last year, I had my first tutorial with Preston about podcasting. Since then I’ve recorded the stories; he engineered them. I selected a photo; he created a logo. I set up this blog; he taught me how...

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Something Different is Happening Here

I opened the hand-addressed notecard. The graceful penmanship thanked me for my short story. I flipped the envelope and read the address: the writer was my neighbor. She had read “Just Now” in Memphis Magazine when the story won its annual fiction contest. I tucked the note away with other notes I’ve received over the years,...

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What’s Going On: The Summer of Love

Right now, at this very moment, we are five stories into a fourteen story experiment. Tomorrow, we will release a new story— “Drunk at the Foodland Again”—and we will be six stories in. Many of you are listening to these stories as they are released. Some of you have subscribed at YouTube. Some subscribed to the podcast feed at caintdonothingwithlove.wordpress.com,...

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Eggs Can Go to the Devil

I woke up this morning talking about eggs. My husband made boiled eggs for breakfast and when I went into the kitchen, there was the egg, unpeeled, rolling on my plate. Made me reminisce. Mostly disagreeable memories, I’m sorry to report: as a child, I was not an egg fan. So we had a little egg talk on-line (boiled, fried, scrambled) and...

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Sunday Listening

“I don’t want to hear any more talk about heaven. Or Jesus,” my mom says. Still, I think it was a sign. Jesus talking like a surfer dude, except saying “skate” instead of “rock.” The real thing. So I decided to become a rollerblader for Jesus. My mom says, “Yeah, and before that, you wanted to retire the national debt.” “Rollerblader for...

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