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WE R RIGHTING GROUP: A Pocket Guide to Writing in Groups…and Righting the World

We R Righting Group cover

An easy, step-by-step guide that takes the reader through one-hour writing gatherings.

As isolation grows in our modern world, we yearn for ways to connect with others. Ties grow weak. Our methods for reaching out no longer work. Or, worse, we feel we’ve lost any sense of community. In this simple book, you’ll learn the power of writing groups to create community. 

We R Righting Group is not just for those who consider themselves writers. Retirees and students, veterans and cancer survivors, those living on the street and corporate board members—anyone can use Righting Groups to find community in today’s difficult world.

This simple pocket guide uses the wisdom I learned in my eight years of facilitating a writing group of Memphians experiencing homelessness. During those years, we published an ezine, held public readings, hosted four annual Community Writers Retreats where the housed and unhoused wrote together, worked with Rhodes College students to provide original content in establishing The Bridge street newspaper, and ultimately published the group’s memoir, Writing Our Way Home: A Group Journey Out of Homelessness (Triton Press, 2014).

For this work, I was named an Upstander by Facing History and Ourselves and as Champion, Memphis and Shelby County Homeless Consortium (2015).

The “how to” manual offers easy guiding principles, basic supplies, fun topics, and motivation. Complete with loads of writing prompts to get you started, and not one bit of grammar!

Use the Contact form if you want me to lead a workshop or speak to your organization on the power of supportive writing groups to create new connections in the world!