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About Ellen Morris Prewitt

Ellen and Family

For 19 years, I practiced law in Jackson, Mississippi, my home town. I loved it. Then I remarried and decided to pursue my yearning to write. The first story I submitted to a contest won Honorable Mention and a $500 check. I thought, this writing business is a piece of cake. Time has disabused me of that notion. The writing business is hard. Writing is as silky smooth as swimming in a nighttime river.

I’m active in the Episcopal Church and currently serve on the Mississippi Episcopal Diocese Becoming Beloved Community team. Click below to check out my Thumb Prayers Page—if you know an organization that could use some Thumb Prayers, let me know, and I’ll send them along.

I love long-distance swimming, hand-sewing, the Waffle House, decorating, hanging with my husband,  anti-racism, paperback mysteries, talking (or texting) with my sisters, vintage clothes (or all clothes), synthesizing large quantities of information, Godzilla, talking Godzilla with my grandsons, that moment when you connect with others, darkest chocolate, leading small groups, ancestral work, cafe au lait, laughing with my cousin, God, the brain, and 1970s funk. And writing.

I’ve lived all over, but not outside of, the American South. My husband is the love of my life. Evangeline the dog is a close second. We currently perambulate between Memphis, the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and New Orleans, where I’ve been known to appear in costume (see the photo above. 🙂 ) 

“St. Paul admonishes us that we cannot all be a foot. I figure in the body of Christ, I’m the appendix. I have a vital function, just no one knows what it is yet.”
Ellen Morris Prewitt