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Cain’t Do Nothing with Love

Love is connecting with the man in the maroon Bonneville who killed your Big Naked Guy. Love is responding to grief by inviting the Devil into your home. Love is finding yourself sitting Zen in an Elk’s Lodge. Love is learning your mom is boinking a dude in a squirrel costume.

The quirky characters in Cain’t Do Nothing with Love get themselves in the worst pickles, thanks to love . . . can love get them out? Join them as they travel the wandering, unpredictable path of love.

Nine of the fourteen stories in Cain’t Do Nothing with Love have been previously published in literary journals. These journals include the Arkansas Review, Gulf Coast Literary Journal, and Southern Women’s Review. Several have won regional or national contests. You will note, the stories carry a Southern theme. Many are humorous.

Cain’t Do Nothing with Love won the 2014 CIPA EVVY AWARD in AUDIO BOOK.

What They’re Saying:

“I started with Lucky Critters and your reading reminded me for all the world of Larry Brown reading from his works years ago, one of his first, at a Jackson literary festival. It was when Larry was getting to be noticed.”
~Lynn Watkins, Mississippi reader

“I love Ellen’s stories! Crisp, funny and fresh like a summer salad. They make me laugh and then they make me think.”
~Elaine Blanchard, storyteller, writer, actor; co-author of “For Goodness Sakes”

“The stories were just fantastic. I can just see the characters sitting around listening to themselves on the cd, elbows on the glitter-sprinkled formica table, mouths full of white-bread pimiento cheese. Thank you, Ellen. You make it seem so deceptively easy. Taint fair.”
~Suzanne Henley, writer and sister University of Virginia graduate

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