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Thumb Prayers

Portable prayer prompts—drop them in your pocket and rub with your thumb for a reminder of the Spirit’s presence in the world. Offered in support of housing justice.

Isaiah 65:21 And they shall build houses, and inhabit them.

What Are Thumb Prayers?

THUMB PRAYERS are handmade aids for your prayer life. Rub them with your thumb when you need a reminder of the Spirit’s presence in the world. Like me, they’re far from perfect. As I make them—using paper clay and various types of buttons—I pray for housing justice, as that is my prayer focus. You can use them for whatever your prayer needs might be.

The name “THUMB PRAYERS” came about because they are intended to be rubbed with the thumb as a physical grounding in God’s love.

image-7Where Did Thumb Prayers Come From?

I began making THUMB PRAYERS as part of a church service at St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Memphis where most of the congregants live on the streets. I wanted to give folks something they could take home after the service to remind them of the experience, but what to give those who have no home? I chose small items you can drop in your pocket and rub with your thumb.

What Am I To Do With A Thumb Prayer?

Nestle the THUMB PRAYER in your pocket. Or keep it on your desk to relieve job stresses. Or tuck it in the console of the car for traffic jams. Or zip it in your purse to get you through a never-ending line. THUMB PRAYERS fit wherever you need to reach for a moment of a God in your day.

Who Do People Give Thumb Prayers To?

THUMB PRAYERS have been given as gifts to Sunday school classes, bridge clubs, book clubs, clergy groups, tennis leagues, writing groups. They’ve been shared at family reunions, work departments, homeless advocacy groups, and with loved ones going through particular difficulties. They’ve been used as teacher’s gifts, speaker honorarium, and party favors—whoever might appreciate a Spirit-filled gift.

Where Can I Buy Thumb Prayers?

THUMB PRAYERS are not for sale. I give them away to support housing justice. THUMB PRAYERS focus on housing justice because they began at a service for those living on the street, and also due to my history of writing with men and women who’ve experienced homelessness.

If you’d like to know more about using THUMB PRAYERS to support housing justice (at an event, as a give-away, etc), please CONTACT ME (link opens contact form in new window or tab).

If you want to read about the writing group, visit my page on WRITING OUR WAY HOME: A GROUP JOURNEY OUT OF HOMELESSNESS.

What Else Do I need To Know?

If THUMB PRAYERS go through the wash, they will dissolve. For THUMB PRAYER news and photos, follow ELLEN MORRIS PREWITT: MY VERY SOUTHERN VOICE on FACEBOOK 

Isaiah 65:21 And they shall build houses, and inhabit them.

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