That is Life

Last night, riding home, we watched the clouds pass across the moon, revealing and retreating. Gandy, the boys, and me—tracking, commenting, announcing our sightings when the moon revealed itself. Sighing when it hid its light. A normal night turned magical. * The youngest...

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Happy 2020!

I have come to rely on photos to remind me of the moments in my life, and my husband is the best, most tolerant, helpful, patient (“No, I look horrible.” “No.” “No.” “Okay, that’ll do.”) supportive chronicler in the whole blessed world. New Year’s Eve in New Orleans, 2020 with me in...

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I Believe for the New Year

I believe for the new year I will buy a pocket dictionary and stop looking up words on line. I believe for the new year I will begin each morning with a meditative practice. It can be contemplative prayer. Sitting on the porch. Surveying the yard. Fingering the prayer beads my talented friend and Bead by Bead author Suzanne Henley made for me....

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The Poignancy of Christmas

My brilliant older sister chooses a theme every Christmas. On Christmas Day at dinner, we go round the table and each person says what the theme means to them. We have done this since her daughters (now married or engaged) were too young to hold a knife. She—my older sister—also does a birthday cake for Jesus, ties red ribbons all over the house,...

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Advent 2019, Week 2

It’s the 2nd Sunday of Advent, 2019. I’m reviewing moments of my church life. I do this every time we pray the confession of our sins, where we are supposed to say, “We do humbly repent,” but as a teenager I inadvertently said, “We do humbly repeat,” and my sister and I burst out laughing. After that, my mother...

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How Did I Do?

In 2018, I made a promise to myself: I would get all my old work out there so I could move on to new work. This led to a whirlwind of publication. In 2018, I published Tracking Happiness in print, ebook, and audiobook (I do thank you for continuing to buy the audio book—audio books give you a nice pop in revenue, and it’s nice when a book...

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Claim the Disappearing: 10

(I invite you to enjoy this free New Orleans novel, courtesy of the wonder that is the internet, unrolled a teensy bit at a time. If you are just joining us, feel free to return to THE BEGINNING and work your way through.) Talking about the past is easy. The past is done. The only choice of the tale-teller is to pick through the events jumbled...

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Questions Needing Answers

Why are the crows congregating on the iron fire escapes and tangled telephone wires and jutting cornices of this old rice mill loft in which I live? I told them, “I see what you’re doing!” They cawed back. Which leaves us at a standstill. The Rice Mill Loft the insolent murder of crows has invaded Will I ever learn that...

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Really, Don’t Ask Me

I don’t know if this will work, but I’m sending a plea into the Universe: do not let anyone ask me for directions. Yesterday, I had to run to Robert’s Market (read that Ro-bear’s). I’ve been to Robert’s untold times. The last several days, I’ve been driving up and down the street Robert’s is on...

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