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Pause and Acknowledge


“Oh, this will be fun,” I thought. 

That’s the way it always starts: “You know what would be fun?”

In December of last year, I had my first tutorial with Preston about podcasting. Since then I’ve recorded the stories; he engineered them. I selected a photo; he created a logo. I set up this blog; he taught me how to add audio to it. Another friend, Gary, created the PR packet; I sent it out and set up a “bookless book signing.” At the local bookstore, I read excerpts and led a tutorial on how to access the stories; my friends listened and made it an SRO event. The stories got ink; all the CDs sold. Preston and I launched the stories here, on YouTube, and on iTunes. People listened, they laughed, they congratulated; I bowed in gratitude.

After a brief interruption, we are now half-way through the roll-out of the fourteen stories. Once we are done, we will add the stories to Podiobooks and other sites. At that point, the stories will go out into the wider world, past my friends, beyond my relatives, further than readers of this blog or followers on FaceBook. 

I always believe in pausing. Acknowledging. Celebrating. Now, as we are about to enter a Phase 2 of this “Hey, I know what would be fun!” journey, let’s pause and acknowledge: it has been fun. Cheers to happiness. 

Remember: you cain’t do nothing with love . . . 

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