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What’s Going On: The Summer of Love

Right now, at this very moment, we are five stories into a fourteen story experiment. Tomorrow, we will release a new story— “Drunk at the Foodland Again”—and we will be six stories in.

Many of you are listening to these stories as they are released. Some of you have subscribed at YouTube. Some subscribed to the podcast feed at, and you receive an email each time a new podcast is released. Some are listening on iTunes. Some click through on the Facebook links and listen when I post information about a story or the charity the story is paired with.

Thus—so far—the experiment is working. i.e., Y’all are listening. Some are even donating to the charities.

Come September, we will have unrolled all fourteen stories. We will then offer the collection in toto (that means altogether, not in Dorothy’s basket in Oz) on and other audio sites. That will began a whole new experiment: literary short stories written and read by the (essentially unknown) author.

Thanks for being part of my literary laboratory. If you haven’t already, you might want to jump in the beaker. See what love has concocted.

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