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Saying Hello

Some of y’all are new here, so this post is simply saying hello. And what to expect. Which is only predictable based on reviewing past blog posts, because I have no plan or structure, never rhyme, but hopefully reason.

I post what’s on my mind or in my heart. Often, that includes thoughts generated by my Sunday morning in church. Or wandering through my Mississippi or New Orleans life. Or a new insight on racism I’m working through. Or, you know, why the dentists got us to floss all those years only to learn it does NO GOOD WHATSOEVER.

Or pics of my yard.

Fairies visited our New Orleans patio

Or my dog.

Up close and personal with Evangeline

Or updates on my writing life.

Or, again, so very often, thoughts on God. Like the time God made me talk about nekkid people in church.

I’m sure you won’t like everything you read. I hope you like something. And I welcome you with open arms.


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