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How Long Has It Been?

Oh, my goodness! It’s been forever since I’ve spoken with y’all. Okay, about a month but when was the last time I went a month without blogging? The long hiatus means I’ve got a lot to talk about.

First—because I’m sitting in front of the window watching the weather arrive from Arkansas—we have re-established a presence in Memphis. A new condo downtown. Best is this gorgeous view of the river. The sunrises, sunsets. Storms in a vast sky. It’s amazing. I’m also pleased to have transformed a one-bedroom into a place with two queen sleeping areas. I used a queen bed frame 10″ off the ground with a futon mattress tucked beneath a set of shelves. So it looks like a reading nook. I like nooks.

Novel News

I’ve also got writing news: the Killer Nashville Fiction Contest named IN THE NAME OF MISSISSIPPI a Finalist in the Mainstream/Commercial category. The contest will announce winners at the end of this month. I revised my query and received a request for pages in quick-zip turnaround. The new query opens:

I’m a sixth generation Mississippian whose prominent ancestors were intimately involved in the state’s racist past. Now, I’ve written a novel imagining modern-day reparations for the violence…that is, if well-meaning white folks don’t screw it up first. IN THE NAME OF MISSISSIPPI was recently named a Finalist in the Killer Nashville Fiction Contest, Main/stream/Commercial category

I’ll keep y’all posted, of course.

Contemplative Writing…in Action

Oh, and I want y’all to know about this:

One of the things I like about life is meeting new, rocking people. Alisha is one of them. She’s an active contemplative who uses writing in her practice. We met in the Contemplative Justice group of the School of Contemplative Living. If you’re in the area, consider signing up. I’m so looking forward to it.

Summer Fun

Oh, gosh—what else? We went to Canada! I’m gonna leave y’all with a photo of Lake Louise that I actually took, though you’ll think it’s a staged postcard. Tell me: how did your summer go?

Turquoise beatify of Lake Louise that I enjoyed during my long hiatus from blogging
Lake Louise we visited during my long hiatus from blogging

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