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Tag: Contemplative Writing Practice

Contemplative Writing Prompts for Lent: 5

If you want to read about this seasonal offering of contemplative writing prompts, you can do so here. Otherwise, just dive in for Contemplative Writing Prompts for Lent: 5. Take 20 minutes and write about that one thing at the back of your closet that it’s really, really time to do something with. Discard. Re-purpose. Take a photo for...

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Contemplative Writing Prompts for Lent: 4

You can read about my offering Contemplative Writing Prompts for Lent, or you can jump right in. Either way, the main thing to remember: there is no wrong way to do these prompts. Here we go: Contemplative Writing Prompts for Lent: 4 Today, take 20 minutes and write your different names for joy. This may be synonyms (e.g., exuberance). It may...

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Contemplative Writing Prompts for Lent: Not

Good morning. You might be expecting a Contemplative Writing Prompt for Lent this morning. But the title of this post—Contemplative Writing Prompts for Lent: Not—tells you what you need to know. I won’t be sending a prompt today, as Sundays are not part of Lent. We did not practice Lent this way when I was a child. When I was a kid, our...

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Ten Days Puny

Ten days I have been puny. As in 103 spiked temperature, followed by a long slow decline. The fever was a reaction to medicine. I recovered, fully enough to enjoy a writing conference in the Kiln. But the next week I spent more time horizontal than upright. Low grade fever. Constant headache. Abdominal pain. I finally decided it was a kidney stone,...

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How Long Has It Been?

Oh, my goodness! It’s been forever since I’ve spoken with y’all. Okay, about a month but when was the last time I went a month without blogging? The long hiatus means I’ve got a lot to talk about. First—because I’m sitting in front of the window watching the weather arrive from Arkansas—we have re-established a presence...

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