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Tag: In the Name of Mississippi

How Long Has It Been?

Oh, my goodness! It’s been forever since I’ve spoken with y’all. Okay, about a month but when was the last time I went a month without blogging? The long hiatus means I’ve got a lot to talk about. First—because I’m sitting in front of the window watching the weather arrive from Arkansas—we have re-established a presence...

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The Devil You Know

I saw the book at Novel Bookstore in Memphis. Its vivid orange and black cover drew me in. I realized the author was Charles Blow, who I had followed on Twitter before I got off Twitter. I always liked what he had to say. In the back of my brain, I seemed to recall he had moved from somewhere in the North to Atlanta. I picked up “The Devil...

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New Blog Features 2022

Good and happy 2022. In this new year, I’m making some blog changes. I actually intend to have regular features, which I’ve never done before (I’m an associative person; I follow ideas laterally; I’m very productive but hardly linear.) My news: I’m adding new blog features! New Blog Features The first of the three...

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Updates Galore

The dog’s recovery from surgery is going well. This is from her doggie hip surgery when the hip came out of the socket and wouldn’t go back in. The winds of Ida were only just subsiding, and her vet wasn’t open due to the hurricane, but an emergency vet in Mandeville was doing business. She got great care. The big thing: during...

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Wiping the Slate Clean

You know when you’ve solved a complex calculus equation, and you take the eraser and literally wipe the slate clean? I did that last week with my writing career. Three acceptances triggered the erasure: First, I was accepted into the Community Writers Workshop in the Virtual Valley for July of this year. This fabulous writers conference...

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