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Injustice and Love – Here’s to Creative Synthesis

Someone I care for dearly is caught in an unjust situation. Yesterday, I railed at “the system” that threatens to open its gaping maw and swallow him whole. Today, I am overwhelmed by our lack of forgiveness.

We excoriate each other over perceived injustices which often are, in fact, injustices. If we knew that fact so firmly and strongly – this is an injustice – would it give us the flexibility to say, “And I forgive it”?

I spend so much of my daily energy figuring out what is right and what is wrong. Where do I stand on this issue or that development? How do I feel about this behavior, that opinion?

What if, instead, I used that energy for radical, creative love? What if I said, you know what? I don’t care. From here forward, railing against injustice will be someone else’s job. Mine is to love.

This isn’t an entirely new thought for me, and whenever I go there, I feel so Pollyanish. Irrelevant. Tiny.

I have spent months and months writing a novel about love, and I’m afraid that its theme has seeped into my being, infecting my thought process, skewing my perspective, corrupting my desire to castigate.

Can one have not just a keen but a keening sense of injustice and also an overwhelming desire to forgive?

Here’s to creative synthesis . . .

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