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i.e., What would a Writer Do?

I am now doing an exercise I can’t spell.

Pilates, I think, which sounds so exotic (another word I can’t spell). No big deal, except, as a writer, I’d like to know the word for what I’m doing.

“As a writer”—same reason it galls me when I end up pawing through my pocketbook searching for the nonexistent pen. As a writer, I shouldn’t leave home without a writing tool!!

“As a writer” is the reason I had different concerns than most about “The Help”: does she really think that African Americans spoke exaggerated dialect and Southern whites spoke the King’s English? If so, she’s not listening.

I’m not sure when I began to think of myself “as a writer” but it’s part of me now. I’ve woven this creativity into every aspect of my life. I’ve synthesized it, if you will. i.e., What would a writer do?

I’ve also given myself standards because I’m a writer. One of them is spelling correctly, a hopeless task when the medium in question doesn’t have spell check. I can spell cat but not calasthenics.

Pilates. It may be the spelling that undoes me. Or it may be that pulse thingy you do with your toe pointed.

Here’s to creative synthesis . . .

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