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God on the Blog

A blog on God that gives me words to help me feel my way through life, like a woman blinded by the dark, touching the walls, groping her way down the long corridor, and feeling, every so often, a brick that helps her move forward.  That’s what I find at A Pastor’s Thoughts by Irvin Boudreaux.

Like the other blogs I’ll be mentioning in this series on blogs by strangers, I found the Reverend’s blog because he found mine. I don’t know Rev. Boudreaux even though we spend time in the same city (with a name like that you know he has to be from Louisiana, and he is). Nor do all of his posts resonate with my journey. But for me, a woman with a complicated, unorthodox belief in the presence of God on this earth, his posts provide guidance often enough that I read them when they arrive in my email box.

Coming tomorrow: from the sacred to the profane: a blog with Satan in the title



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