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Blogs of Strangers

Almost every morning an email arrives containing a fresh story of less than 300 words. The stories are written by Dieter Rogiers who lives in Brussels. He started his blog 300 stories on the eve of his 35th birthday, vowing to write a new story every day for a year. I’m glad to see the email in my box; I read the stories. The flash fiction is, as Mr. Rogiers predicted, perfect for the computer screen, and the stories vary enough with enough surprise endings that I want to see what Mr. Rogiers has to say. Of course, free short fiction is close to my Cain’t Do Nothing with Love heart.

Over the last six months, blogs have come into my life. I’ve been blogging on for years. But somehow only recently have other bloggers found me. The happy outcome of this discovery is that I’ve found them. I’ve decided to share with you five blogs written by heretofore strangers. I’ll tell you what I love about these blogs. If you blog, you’ll learn something about what appeals to readers. If you’re a reader, you’ll discover fun, free reading. In the process, you’ll find out more about me.

What does liking Mr. Rogiers’s blog tell you about me? I love the narrative arc. Yes, I like imagery and language and themes swimming allusively underwater. But, if you ask me, a story isn’t a story without a story. (It says something about the modern “literary short story” that I feel I have to state this.) I’m a fan of the “O. Henry” surprise ending, something my uncle recently told me he’d discerned in my short stories (who knew?). And I love that Mr. Rogiers’s is making his fiction available for free as he forces himself to write and gives his followers a gift every morning. It also helps that every once in a while he writes about chickens.

Remember: You Cain’t Do Nothing with Love


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