Don’t Give this Christmas – Take

I’m wading off into deep water here, but as you consider your charitable giving this Christmas, will you consider taking?
Take a minute and find an organization that offers you the opportunity to actually talk to someone who is different from you.
Take up your courage and go to that organization expecting nothing.
Take your heart and enter a world that frightens you. Talk to the woman sipping from her cup of coffee. Smile at the man sitting hand-in-chin on the sofa. Don’t side-step like a horse skittering away from a snake.
Take a breath. Sit. Let common ground emerge. Or marvel at just how different people in this world can be.
If this idea scares you, or attracts you, find a quite spot and contemplate whether it is the right path for you this Christmas. There are more ways than one to make a difference in the world. We need everyone discerning HIS OR HER OWN WAY.
If you are like me, your path might be to take a step out of your comfort zone.
In order to begin to grow into the person the God of this Universe wants me to be, I had to step off my high platform of security from which I could look “down” on people, doing for those poor unfortunate souls in a heart-warming Hallmark way, and instead discover there is no “poor” or “homeless.” There is only Warren and Robb and LeRoy . . .
Take the time. It will give you a new perspective and maybe a new life.

here’s to creative synthesis . . .

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  • I really like this. It’s such a good point. For some reason it reminded me of the support group in the musical Rent where each member of the ensemble as an actual first NAME and it brings their plight as people with AIDS home to the audience. I’ll be thinking of how I can implement this this season, Ellen.

  • Lovely! You are always so clear and genuine when you speak of sharing life with those who have experienced homelessness. That is what it is, after all. Just life, and we are all just living. Might as well do it together–it sure eases the rough spots.

  • What a wonderful message. As my friend Fred often says: “that’l preach!” A message for all seasons and from the heart. I intend to take it too heart and pass it on.
    Thank you.

  • Thanks, Joe. I really do believe our task is to find for ourselves what we are being called to do. But if the only examples out there are the same, it inhibits somehow – our creativity, our comfort, what we think we are “supposed” to do? So I tentatively offer my own experience as an option.

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