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The Nature of Time

After an extended visit at my sister’s, I will be back at my house today. I will discover what is happening in my yard, as well as what I might have missed. Are the peonies already gone? Will the iris be in full bloom? Some years, the ephemeral spider lilies spring, flutter their skinny petals, and die in my absence. Whenever I begin to...

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The Shark Freed from Her Cage

I am getting out of sync with time. Arriving at 9:45 for my 10:45 appointment. Waking at 5am and returning to sleep by re-entering my dreams. Sincerely believing it to be Monday when I attended church that morning but it seems SO LONG AGO. I don’t want to scare you, but I think I’m drifting away from the framework of this world,...

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As I Write, I Will Weep

She was no more than four years old, black-headed and petite, a land-based water bug. We were at the beach, a place where she absorbed comfort from her mom and grandmother and whole entire family. She took my hand and led me onto the sand. The moon shone above. Otherwise, the night was dense, dark, the sand itself invisible. She, with more courage...

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Don’t Give this Christmas – Take

I’m wading off into deep water here, but as you consider your charitable giving this Christmas, will you consider taking? Take a minute and find an organization that offers you the opportunity to actually talk to someone who is different from you. Take up your courage and go to that organization expecting nothing. Take your heart and enter...

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