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Evangeline! Evangeline! Come Talk to Me!

I have such trouble switching gears. When I’m creating new work, I want to keep creating new work. When I’m revising, re-visioning, and re-writing, all I want to do is edit.

This makes transition days less than productive. When I come off ten days of re-write and arrive at the edge of my first draft, needing to plunge into continuing the story, I plink and plunk with new words, adding one here, filling in one there. Then I switch to the crossword puzzle or checking Facebook or trying to interest my dog Evangeline in a conversation.

Once I get in a groove, I’ll glide like skates on ice, smooth as chocolate melting in the sun, quick as mercury sliding in the glass-bound thermometer.

Until then, I’m like a child with a low-grade fever: I fidget and flop. Nothing quite satisfies. The day ebbs.

Remember: You Cain’t Do Nothing with Love

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