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Gold foil mini-statue with key to assist yourcontemplative writing prompts for Lent: 24

Contemplative Writing Prompts for Lent: Leap Day

While Lent goes on, so do other happenings. This gives us our Contemplative Writing Prompts for Lent: Leap Day edition. Leap Day is that once in a blue moon (okay, every four years) occurrence. We personally know two folks born on Leap Day (chances are, right?) It’s a wonderful, slippery-slidey day, though I do feel sorry for the three years of “fake” birthdays some must endure.

Today’s offering of Contemplative Writing Prompts for Lent honors Leap Day:

Take 5 minutes and make a list of 5 subjects that slip and slide through your life. Like a porpoise surfacing in a flashing arc, then diving beneath the waves again. It might be flare-ups of chronic illnesses, a deep longing to return to school, concerns about your marriage or your single state. Falling in love with your yard in spring or returning to an old piece of quilting you pick up, put down.

When you have your list, writing for 15 minutes about the one that might, just might, be a nudging of the Spirit.

Hope you can LEAP into today’s prompt!

Gold foil mini-statue with key to inspire your Contemplative Writing Prompts for Lent: Leap Day musings
An image from past Lents to accompany your Leap Day edition of our Contemplative Writing Prompts

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