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Gold foil mini-statue with key to assist yourcontemplative writing prompts for Lent: 24

Contemplative Writing Prompts for Lent: 14

This offering of Contemplative Writing Prompts for Lent: 14 is a strange undertaking for me. It’s not actually my Lenten practice. This Lent, I’m focusing on doing one meditative thing each day. Yesterday, it was pulling weeds, but, as I pull, I can’t let my mind wander into its normal territory. I have to be present as I yank the carpet fern’s little bean-like beginnings from the rich soil (yeah, killing as a meditative practice.) Today, it was walking in the drizzle in my raincoat to the neighborhood library to pick up a book delivered there for me. I passed Peaches Record Store and learned April 20th is National Record Day–who knew? Present in the moment, that’s the key for me.

Today, that’s my offering: present writing. (That’s a horrible name; I’m open to suggestions.) In this practice, take 20 minutes. Put pencil/pen and paper in front of you. Don’t touch it. Sit. Focusing on the present. When the Spirit prompts you to write something down, do it. But not more than 3-4 sentences. Then put the pen down. If you’ve decided, despite instructions, to use your computer, take your fingers off the keyboard. Re-sit. Focusing on the present. Wait on the Spirit. Write, briefly. Do this as many—or few—times as the Spirit arrives during your 20 minutes.

How this Contemplative Writing Prompts for Lent: 14 offered you a good relationship with the present, at least for 20 minutes.

Gold foil mini-statue with key to inspire your contemplative writing prompts for Lent: 14
An image from past Lents to accompany your contemplative writing prompts for Lent

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