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Waiting with Baited Breath

As far as where my writing stands, I know y’all await the latest news with bated breath (which if only it were spelled “baited breath” would mean your breath smells like an earthworm wiggling on the hook.) So you’ll be glad to hear that IN THE NAME OF MISSISSIPPI is with the 2nd round of Beta Readers. By the time this round is over, I will have gotten feedback from a group of extraordinarily impressive reviewers. If the story still sucks, it will be nobody’s fault but my own.

In the meantime, as the readers read and the virus consumes all of my emotional energy, I will amuse myself by revising JAZZY AND THE PIRATES…again. Here’s the collection I’ve put on my bulletin board to encourage me to get in the groove:

My JAZZY AND THE PIRATES bulletins board

That’s a feather from the Jean Lafitte collection, because Jean Lafitte the pirate king returns from the dead to save New Orleans from the floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina.
A tiny switchblade, because Jazzy uses a tiny switchblade.
A medallion from the New Orleans brewery shaped like a ship’s wheel, because much of the novel occurs on Jazzy’s grandmother’s house-turned-pirate-ship.
And a pirate pencil sharpener, because…pirates!

What have you been doing lately? Are you writing? Or has all that been drained away by the effort it’s taking just to stay alive these days?

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