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To You

If I focus on loss this Thanksgiving, I will not survive the holiday. Instead, I tell you:

I am thankful for my fav cuz Corinne Sampson whom I can call whenever I need someone to listen and who can call me when she needs someone to listen to her and who of all the millions and billions of souls on this planet entirely gets my sense of humor. Thank you.

I am thankful for Kimberly who takes care of my beach house, for Pam who takes care of my New Orleans house, for Ed who builds things for us, for Joey who hung my pictures, for Raul who cares about my plants, for the electricians who gave us light and cold air and the plumber who maintains and the bread maker who bakes and the locksmith who said, “Just squirt it with some penetrating oil,” rather than charging me an arm and a leg to fix a broken lock. Thank you.

I am thankful for the expansion of my marriage to include two wonderful sons, two amazing daughters-in-law, and three unique grandsons, all of whom support me as part of their families, for which I am grateful. Thank you.

I am thankful for my new neighbors who smile and speak and make sure I hear them greeting me even if I am lost in a world of my own. Thank you.

I am thankful for Wanda Stewart whom I met in the Door of Hope Writing Group and who texts me every morning to say “Good Morning” and when I see her text, I know all is right in the world. Thank you.

I am thankful for our mail carriers and the UPS drivers and the FedEx folks who bring to our door what we can no longer go out into the world to safely acquire. Thank you.

I am thankful for women friends I’ve made late in life when that is so hard and, though the Crones are now scattered to the corners of North America and my time in Waveland with Jennifer has shriveled, they still stay in regular, healing touch with me. Thank you.

I am thankful for Mel and Pearl Shaw for leading the fundraising on the Ida B. Wells statue in Memphis, TN, which I have wanted to see erected for over fifteen years and which is going to become reality because of the dedication of the wonderful Mel and Pearl. Thank you.

I am thankful for Lynn Watkins and Melissa and Barbara and Susan and the other artists in my life who have overwhelmed me by their bravery in pursuing their talent and without whose creative drive to inspire me, I might have given up this writing life long ago.

I am thankful for my sisters (and my silent but supportive brother) who have stepped into the breach created by the death of my mother and made sure this loss did not estrange us but made us now the family to each other. Thank you.

I am thankful for Aguilar’s Upholstery who took my old furniture and bedazzled it into newness, and now every time I look into my greeting room with the Aztec orange fabric or my bedroom with the driftwood blue chair, I am happy. Thank you.

I am thankful for blog readers who are lovely enough to read and comment on my posts whether they’ve known me for decades or will never, ever meet me in person. Thank you.

I am thankful for the people I don’t know who keep electricity humming through my house, clean water in my taps, wifi powering my computer, garbage from overflowing my abode, and particularly the unknown person who decorates the pothole at the end of the street with dummies and flowering plants and Christmas lights. Thank you.

I am thankful for Evangeline who seeks me out so she can protect me or nap while I work or give me two licks on my hand every time (every time!) I offer her water. Thank you.

I am thankful with all of my heart for Tom Prewitt who enables these blessings, brought them into my world, loves who I love, feeds me each day, accepts my moods, sees me as a much better person than I am, and without whom I would not now be sitting at my laptop listing the people in my life who make my heart bloom with thanksgiving. Thank you, my love.

New Orleans

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