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My Peony Life

Last night, I remembered the peonies in my dream. Startled, I wondered: had I missed their blooming?

Many years ago, I dug a hole to China and planted the peony bulb in my yard – 18 inches isn’t deep until you start digging. I’d fallen in love with the flower’s ostentatiousness, its irrational exuberance, its beauty.

But the peonies’ bloom time is short. Had I somehow allowed life to distract me? Had I let that which I used to value so highly enter—and leave—my life without even noticing?


This is my life. Right on the verge of bursting forth. If only I don’t get distracted and forget why I did all the hard work planting the bulb in the first place: because I just love it.

here’s to creative synthesis . . .

bloom time, creative synthesis, irrational exuberance, life, peonies

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