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In Honor of 2016: 16 Things Easily Lost

  1. Names of acquaintances not recently seen
  2. My temper when someone I love is being bullied
  3. Anything being transported between Memphis and New Orleans
  4. How to spell “wierd” … um, “weird”
  5. Me, driving anywhere
  6. My glasses, which I rarely wear and when I do, I take them off and on, off and on—now where are they?
  7. A race against Evangeline, whether by dog or man
  8. A fight with Godzilla
  9. Recollection of bad things that have happened to me over the years
  10. Anger at my husband
  11. Muscle tone
  12. The rule about using commas around a named thing (“my book The Bone Trench”–to comma or not?)
  13. Power on my phone
  14. Details of a dream
  15. The willpower not to eat potato chips
  16. Forgiveness towards a person who repeats the perceived offense
  17. Socks in the dryer
  18. The wisp of youthful beauty
  19. Concentration when a baby is crying
  20. A tube of lipstick
  21. Anything when the grandkids are in the house
  22. Tolerance in the face of meanness
  23. A tan
  24. Passwords
  25. Peace of mind as the gas tank runs dry
  26. Hopelessness in the face of love


                                                                     Happy 2016!

The Saints Dog relazing
The Saints Dog relaxing


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