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Publishing News: Grief, The Bone Trench, and 21st Century Obits

I’m pleased to report that the essay Grief: The Best I Can Do will be published in Exterminating Angel Press: The Magazine. EAP is an amazing magazine whose ethic is spreading ideas, not exclusivity. So the “already published” nature of the essay is not an issue.  In fact, the magazine encourages writers to get their work out anywhere they can, thus seeding the germinating idea in every garden possible.

Isn’t that refreshing?

In the current issue of the magazine, I particularly enjoyed the poem Turkish Coffee by Marissa Bell Toffoli. I also went back and read the essay Three Dogs and a Branch by Tim J. Myers from September. The magazine published an excerpt from THE BONE TRENCH entitled One Wrong Step and You’ve Brought on the Last DaysThus, the magazine is near and dear to my heart.

In an aside, THE BONE TRENCH is currently being considered by an editor at a wonderful publishing house. You can read about the long journey of this novel here. My wonderful agent at the Virginia Kidd Agency is doing a fabulous job of getting it into the right hands. So send good thoughts to the editor, surrounding her with vibes that hum, “I love this manuscript! I love this manuscript! I must buy this manuscript!”

Finally, I’m a little—what? bemused? mystified?—to share that the Grief essay was picked up by a service called The Daily. I learned about this via a Twitter notification. Perusing my notifications, I discovered a tweet by including my Twitter name. Following this link, I found this new service that contains curated articles about grief. Who knew? It’s an ever-changing brave new world out there.

I’m hoping—fingers crossed—the popping of this publication news portends a fruitful 2016!

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