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Gold foil mini-statue with key to assist yourcontemplative writing prompts for Lent: 24

Contemplative Writing Prompts for Lent: 10

The hardest part of this offering of Contemplative Writing Prompts for Lent is keeping up with the number we’re on. This is Contemplative Writing Prompts for Lent: 10. At least, I think it is! 🤣 I’m sure good marketing would tell me to post at the same time each day. Not gonna happen. Here’s today’s prompt:

What is the last thing you think of before you go to sleep at night? What’s the first thing that enters your brain when you wake in the morning? Do you see any differences between the two? How about similarities?

Thank you for following on this journey. Contemplative writing prompts ask us to turn ever-so-slightly the prism through which we view the world. I hope this Contemplative Writing Prompts for Lent: 10 gives you a taste of that.

Gold foil mini-statue with key to inspire your Contemplative writing Prompts for Lent: 10
An image from past Lents to accompany your contemplative writing prompts for Lent

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