Month: January 2019

Hey Daffodils—It’s January!

It’s January on the Gulf Coast. The 100 daffodil bulbs I planted are unable to contain their enthusiasm. They have burst from the ground (expected) and are blooming (unexpected). The daffodil advance guard The rabbits have been busy too. DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU DONT’ WANT TO SEE A PHOTO OF A RABBIT POOP TOILET! Yep,...

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Inspire Community Cafe is Open!

Inspire Community Cafe which I wrote about earlier is now open! I’m gonna let these photos speak for themselves except to say it is the best combination of great food, great space, great mission, and full out cuteness I’ve ever seen. Go visit soon! 510 Tillman St Suite 110, Memphis, TN 38112 The counter in sunlight The...

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These are the Only Important Things

The Saints lost. Evangeline in happier days The full Wolf moon rose so close you could touch, it but it burst a vessel and bled red. A tiny shot of the Super Wolf blood moon Today, January 21, Martin Luther King Jr Day, is one of service The little boy, thinking about the 5 acts of kindness he has been commissioned to do today...

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And for 2019?

I think of the specifics we wish for each other at the new year’s beginning—good health, loving family, dreams fulfilled—and I know it can’t be. Because this is Life. Even now, those I care about are facing health challenges, overwhelming obligations and anxiety while fighting rolling fogs of unknown troubles. So what do I wish...

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