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These are the Only Important Things

The Saints lost.

Evangeline in happier days

The full Wolf moon rose so close you could touch, it but it burst a vessel and bled red.

A tiny shot of the Super Wolf blood moon
Today, January 21, Martin Luther King Jr Day, is one of service

The little boy, thinking about the 5 acts of kindness he has been commissioned to do today on Martin Luther King Day, drew a picture of the tents beneath the interstate on Claiborne Avenue that he drives past in his city where “the people have no homes.”

This is a voodoo daffodil bulb drying in the hidden chambers of the Morris Ice Company, which my family sold at the end of 2018.

Voodoo Daffodil

A small press loved The Bone Trench enough to say “We are fans,” and even though it didn’t fit their list, they recommended other, subversive presses—perhaps I misperceive my writing: me, subversive?

Mother Mary in her more obedient days

My husband is the best grandfather ever, which is what he intended to do when he retired: be a grandfather. He’s doing a really good job with it.

And that is all important.

Blood moon, drying daffodils bulbs, mother mary, The Bone Trench, Wolf Moon

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