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You Might be a Nerd If….

+ if you get all excited about a book on how to read water (the origin of my enthusiasm can be found here), you might be a nerd.

+ if, when you do get excited about esoteric things like reading water, you insist on telling everyone who swims into your orbit FOR WEEKS, you might be a nerd.

+ if you misplace your pedometer (because you have to wash your clothes sometimes, and who can remember where you put the damn thing when you removed it from your waistband?), and then you rediscover it and you act like Jesus discovering the proverbial lost lamb, you might be a nerd.

+ if you cannot go to the comic book store with your grandsons, so you ask them to please buy you a Godzilla comic then sit for hours pouring over the reviews of the various Godzilla movies, you might be a nerd.

+ if you proudly wear your Easters party t-shirt from the University of Virginia circa 1976 and you think that makes you look cool, you might be a nerd.

+ if you know that Zygarde doesn’t technically evolve because, hey, this Pokemon stuff is kinda fun, you might be a nerd.

+ if you think just because you’re rocking a black ball cap, you’re almost the same as a Navy seal, you might be a nerd.

+ if you think it’s the funniest thing to conspire with your sister to randomly say “Groovy” at a family gathering until SOMEONE notices that in 2019 y’all are saying “Groovy,” then when your cousin finally says, “Girls, what is it with this ‘groovy’ stuff?”, you fall out laughing until you can’t catch your breath—you are a NERD!

And, ultimately, you might be a nerd if…you still use the word nerd.

Me as a Navy Seal

What is your secret nerd behavior? Can you bravely share it in the comments below?

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