You Might be a Nerd If….

+ if you get all excited about a book on how to read water (the origin of my enthusiasm can be found here), you might be a nerd.

+ if, when you do get excited about esoteric things like reading water, you insist on telling everyone who swims into your orbit FOR WEEKS, you might be a nerd.

+ if you misplace your pedometer (because you have to wash your clothes sometimes, and who can remember where you put the damn thing when you removed it from your waistband?), and then you rediscover it and you act like Jesus discovering the proverbial lost lamb, you might be a nerd.

+ if you cannot go to the comic book store with your grandsons, so you ask them to please buy you a Godzilla comic then sit for hours pouring over the reviews of the various Godzilla movies, you might be a nerd.

+ if you proudly wear your Easters party t-shirt from the University of Virginia circa 1976 and you think that makes you look cool, you might be a nerd.

+ if you know that Zygarde doesn’t technically evolve because, hey, this Pokemon stuff is kinda fun, you might be a nerd.

+ if you think just because you’re rocking a black ball cap, you’re almost the same as a Navy seal, you might be a nerd.

+ if you think it’s the funniest thing to conspire with your sister to randomly say “Groovy” at a family gathering until SOMEONE notices that in 2019 y’all are saying “Groovy,” then when your cousin finally says, “Girls, what is it with this ‘groovy’ stuff?”, you fall out laughing until you can’t catch your breath—you are a NERD!

And, ultimately, you might be a nerd if…you still use the word nerd.

Me as a Navy Seal

What is your secret nerd behavior? Can you bravely share it in the comments below?

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  • LOL. I am a nerd because I get too involved in passions like finding a certain birth certificate and then telling anyone because only other nerds even listen to that rubbish.

    • Ellen Morris Prewitt

      Yes, I’m guessing it’s passions that create nerds, though genealogical research is surely more respectable than Godzilla. 🙂

  • A recent nerd moment: While back in the city in Western MA where I went to high school (for a poetry residency at the largest contemporary art museum in the country, which is nerdy in and of itself), I stopped at the Solarize Massachusetts booth to send greetings from Solarize Southern Tier NY and wound up talking solar, wind, and hydro power with the folks there. My dad was superintendent of hydroelectric plants on the Upper Deerfield when I was growing up, so I get geeky about renewable energy.

    • Ellen Morris Prewitt

      That sounds so cool to me, particularly how your dad’s job influenced your passion for the earth. Does this mean that what strikes us as nerdy is eternally interesting to others? May it be so.

  • Perhaps you are right! I think that with my dad’s job it was also that we were living with his work. Our house was owned by the power company and was close to a reservoir with an unmanned hydro station, with which we shared a phone line. When Dad had weekends on call, we would go along into plants and check on the reservoirs and recreation areas. We got to do cool things like visit the underground powerhouse of a pump storage project that was constructed when we were kids. This post: has a poem that I wrote about him and gave to him for his 90th birthday in 2015.

    • Ellen Morris Prewitt

      “Jouncing.” I love it. And I know your dad was so pleased with your gift of memory and poetry. <3 (ps. I LOVED Reddy Killowatt when I was little!)

  • Thanks for reading! That was so sweet of you. I have a couple of pieces of Reddy Kilowatt jewelry that were my mom’s. When we make sugar cookies for Christmas, I sometimes make Reddy Kilowatt ones, with red sugar for the face and yellow for the light bulb nose.

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