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What I Accomplished in 2018

planted 140 daffodil bulbs

published a novel

established a garden with an old cot as a trellis for the passion vine to attract butterflies

published an audio book (this is NOT double counting; the audio book was damn hard)

launched a podcast (which fizzled, but this post isn’t about failures of 2018)

made a diorama of myself

readied a 2nd novel for publication in 2019 (Model for Deception, a cozy mystery)

readied a 3rd novel The Hart Women for publication in a hand-bound edition in 2019 (this was skin-of-the-teeth; I finished revising and got it to the artist on December 28)

why do all my accomplishments require a parenthetical explanation?

worked as a poll greeter for the first time in my life (my candidate won)

got 2 new author photos (my husband said the photo I was using made me look like a librarian; he wasn’t saying I looked smart)

designed and hung a shelf for Hebron’s wooden bowls

visited my mother in North Carolina 5 times

mourned the death of my father-in-law and my friend Roderick Baldwin

published a short story in a newly discovered journal and another story in a new Memphis newspaper

celebrated a novel (Jazzy and the Pirates) placing in the finals of a contest

visited Chucalissa Village for the first time

sold the family business

was featured by Australian Sandie O’Neill in her Licence to Create series

survived an interview on TV

wore silver lame pants in public

flew twice (in a plane, but for me that’s AMAZING)

and last but not least something that hardly qualifies as an accomplishment but is awesome: I saw a bobcat saunter down my driveway

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