Weird or You too?

New things have been happening to me during our coronavirus sheltering-in-place. Have they been happening to you too? Or is it just plain weird me?

Rate each one:
* JPW for just plain weird
* Utoo for Universal

  1. I’ve been getting a steady stream of Friend requests on Facebook. (Yes, they’re real people, not fake accounts.) I’ve been on Facebook forever, and I can’t remember the last Friend request I got, so this is unusual for me. I’ve been spending more time on Facebook myself (I had almost quit going on the site), making me wonder if the isolation is causing more folks to turn to social media.
  2. My recycling habits have gone to pot. I’m getting all these boxes from Amazon (food, books, fertilizer), and in my past life, I’d have been gleeful about the opportunity to recycle them, but now I stuff them in the garbage can. It’s as if recycling is a bridge too far.
  3. I’m not using my phone. I’ll get text messages or voice mails, note them, then forget about them until the next day when I pick up my phone again. Months ago I started monitoring my phone usage with the Apple screen time feature, but I’m no longer doing that. Because my usage has dropped off the cliff. Nothing going on in my life, nothing to check on….
  4. I’ve been having the weird dreams syndrome and, yes, I’ve heard that this is common if not universal. Let me tell you, I have a really high bar for weird dreams, by which I mean my dreams are always strange, so you can imagine what I am waking up thinking these days. ps my husband dreamed he’d come up with a cure for the virus
  5. I’m kind of fascinated with the grey in my hair. I often wondered what my hair would look like without color. It’s mostly been just drab. But now, with no cut or color in 17 weeks, I can actually see grey.

So, what was your score? Are we in this together or, even now, am I out there on a limb?

Final question: is Godzilla universally loved or is it just weird me?

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Comments (3)

  • I admit that I have a different constellation of pandemic symptoms than yours, which does not make yours weird, just yours! I’ve been interested in the whole hairstyle/color issue. I’ve never colored my hair, but am interested in the decision-making process for those who do. How do women decide when to go back to their natural color, if ever?

    • Ellen Morris Prewitt

      The whole hair color issue–my sisters have BEAUTIFUL silver hair and red with one dramatic white strea,k and my mother had a gorgeous white cap of hair. If I had any of those, I would go stop restoring my hair color in a minute. I never had, just a muddying. But now I’m wondering if I’ve waited long enough that the silver might be coming in…Of course my sister with the silver hair, it drapes down her back. Oh, well. Hair envy. 🙂

      • I think many women have discovered what their current natural color is during the pandemic. You are right that it may very well be different than they knew! I understand your silver-sister wearing her hair long. I wore mine short most of my life and let it grow out when it was silver. Part of it was that it was not quite as heavy as it had been when it was brown.

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