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Weather + Me

Soon, I will be able to show you this year’s decorations for Mardi Gras. But I’m waiting until the cold, cold, cold passes to put them up. That is supposed to happen today, so perhaps on Tuesday.

This icy weather got me stuck in Jackson for several days. More importantly, it derailed the schedule I created January 1 (and was following) to be able to swim the Gulf. My goal is to swim a mile in the Gulf by August 31. I set the deadline because I can’t swim in the Gulf when it’s cold. So there is an obviously a great deal of flexibility to that–I probably have to November, in all honesty. In other words, I’m not panicking. One thing I’ve admired about myself with this swimming: I kept getting derailed, and keep returning to it. That’s not historically like me. But maybe now it is.

I haven’t been writing. I’ve been submitting. Which does require a lot of writing (author bio, MC description, marketing plan), but none of it is fun writing. I did create an oral story and gave it at a Moth-like story-telling hour in Bay St. Louis. But I wrote it in my head and never put it on paper–I wanted it to be oral all the way. If I had written it, I might have seen how I could tweak the ending to make it better. As in all of life, live and learn.

How are you doing with the weather and life in general?

peace in creativity, Ellen

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