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(Un)Usual Beignets

We went to our (un)usual beignets place on the corner of St. Charles and Milan. The parking lot was already roped off. I jumped out of the car and asked where we could park. The attendant said, you staying for the parades? I said, no, we just come here every Wednesday and buy beignets.

He moved the cones and let us in.

We got beignets.

I felt kind of like the little old man walking through the burning house and plopping down on the sofa because it’s time for his soaps.

Beignets for (Un)Usual Inspiration

At the beignet place, we always order a variation on the same thing. One plate (or two) of regular beignets, which are about the size of a woman’s fist. We also get beignet bites. These cutie-pies are similar in size to those old-fashioned pink erasers. Except puffed. All beignets are puffed.

Today, one of the bites they brought us looked like a melting mushroom (I blame the Mardi Gras craziness). It gave me a brilliant idea about drying beignets and making (Un)Usual Beignet People (such a catchy name, right?) Before I could further explore the idea, the youngest grandson ate the beignet.

Craters the size of Beignets

When we left the beignet place, we texted the blow-by-blow of trying to get the boys to their parents and then us home. We had already done this on picking up the boys (“Still on Freret.” “Been at it 35 minutes so far.”) The boys’ parents texted back empathy and encouragement.

Driving around the city is surreal. Parades make normal routes a crapshoot. When you take side streets unknown to you, you’re more than likely gonna hit craters (other places, they call them potholes, but New Orleans does everything outsized.) The tradeoff? We can walk to the St. Charles and Magazine parades.

And we got our beignets.

My house decorated for Mardi Gras in paradise paraphernalia with a giant cheeseburger on the porch glider, which is not an (un)usual beignet.
The most hodgepodge-y Mardi Gras house so far–we finally got the parrots up. (That’s not a beignet, it’s a cheeseburger.)


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