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The Website Has Me Trapped Like a Spider

This website re-design is so hard! I am a trial and error person, which, by definition, means I make errors. Another way to look at it is I need to play with things. Try a little of this, mix in a dollop of that. Maybe take a big eraser and start all over—why do you think my husband marvels at the process I go through to get dressed in the morning?

I’ve relayed my predicament to my web designer, and she might very well have a solution for this. To date, my ideas have been evenly split between hits (my new tag line, “My Very Southern Voice,” and the Photo Bio—it looks cool, like or a series of cars clacking down the train tracks) and misses (the three books above the fold are boxy, boring, and say nothing about who I am.)

Until them I will live with frustration. My need to get it fixed, and get it fixed now, is being tested. Which is kinda appropriate. After all, that’s what this whole website redesign is about: figuring out who I want to be from here forward.

here’s to creative synthesis . . .

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