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Spring Cleaning, Writer’s Style

In a type of spring cleaning, writer’s style, I’ve freshened up a couple of pages on the website. My Home page is more direct and shorter (you’re welcome.) Same goes for the About Me page, which is also more personal. Previously the page was all about my writing career, leading me to ask, What, you have no you other than writing? That’s not true, and now you can read it for yourself.

I’ve also been peeking into the dusty corners of my motivation. Scary, that. I came to writing from the very hierarchical world of being a lawyer. Getting into law school, joining a good firm, working your way up what we literally called “the ladder.” I brought that mindset to my writing career. It’s been with me in one form or another for decades. It involves fitting yourself into whatever the definition of success is within that industry.

My spring cleaning, writer’s style, has me re-thinking this approach. Mostly, I’m trying to honestly separate how the industry defines success and what makes me happy. Being on a panel at the Oxford Conference for the Book was on my “success” list for years. It’s also where I came to dislike the “writer pontificating on stage” model of selling books. (So yeah, I set as a goal something I actually disliked).

But how would I do it differently? I got lucky with my Making Crosses book in that the “marketing” was cross-making workshops. How, with a novel, do you create the same feeling of being in a group that has simply gathered around the book? And without sacrificing book sales. It worked with Making Crosses—the book sold over 8000 copies.

I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, please enjoy these “ground-cover” roses—they’ve burst out of their definitional name.

A bed of exuberant pink ground cover roses to accompany my spring cleaning, writer's style

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