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Some Ways We are Different from Some Other People

we don’t use the dishwasher
we don’t use the clothes dryer
we leave the windows open
we drink tap water, we drink almond milk, we eat barley
we build fires in the fireplace
we keep a compost bucket on the kitchen counter
we travel with a bonsai tree, Mr. Tree
we hang out on Beale Street
we let Tom be our everyday cook
we say “runned,” as in “I thought you runned away”
we dance
we join parades
we call out the names of bluesmen: “John Lee!” “Howling Wolf!” “Koko!” “B.B!” “R.L.!”
we believe Dr. Gott
we burn incense
we love Memphis
we go to church
we like going to church
we laugh at things that happened ten years ago: “That guy at the writers retreat, Patrick, who was telling women, you’d look great except your hair really sucks, and you said, My man, Patrick, let me give you some advice.”
we read the newspaper
we keep up Christmas decorations
we never remember the camera, we never take pictures, in this constantly documenting digital age, we never photograph anything
we think it’s funny to say “minke” instead of “monkey”
we call each other on the cell phone to to talk about Colin Cowherd’s show
we use a designated driver
we have a seven-foot, neon-lighted Sacred Palm in the living room
we love St. Patrick’s Day, particularly in New Orlean’s Bywater: the more rag-tag, the better

That’s enough. (This message was approved by the other half of the “we”)

Here’s to creative synthesis . . .

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