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Righting Groups: Certified Organic

This often happens. I lay awake at night thinking of the perfect topic for the next day’s Righting Group. Then I arrive at group.

Lately, I’ve been doing RGs at new places that haven’t done RG before. So there is a recruitment spiel (even a bit of bribery with chocolate) and a period of uncertainty about whether the group will “make” or not. Today, I sat at the table about 10 minutes before the group began to gather.

This entire experience often brings to mind a much more perfect topic than the one I agonized over the night before, and we use it instead.

I guess RGs have a high organic quality. They’re open to what is happening in an individual’s life or in the life of the group or in the life of the organization sponsoring RG. One of the assurances I share with folks is that they can write on anything they bring into the room with them, whatever is on their heart or in their mind. We are somewhat unformed. I think writing needs that space to breathe life into itself.

The group did gather today. We had a great writing session. Rain fell outside, chocolate wrappers crinkled inside, the group wrote. For those few minutes, all was right with the world.

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