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Questions Needing Answers

Why are the crows congregating on the iron fire escapes and tangled telephone wires and jutting cornices of this old rice mill loft in which I live? I told them, “I see what you’re doing!” They cawed back. Which leaves us at a standstill.

The Rice Mill Loft the insolent murder of crows has invaded

Will I ever learn that when a surgeon declares a surgery, “Routine,” what they mean is, “That’s an easy surgery for me to perform”? It has NOTHING to do with the impact of the surgery on the body of the patient.

Where do people donate clothes in New Orleans?

Can the dog really tell time? Is it really bad if a dog’s nose is warm? Is there any other dog in the world who really won’t drink water unless you personally lift the bowl to her lips for her to sip? (The dog gets more than one question)

Am I the only person who truly hates the noise of other people eating? Did you know there are YouTube stars who make a living eating in front of their followers? Could there be anything more torturous than watching such a thing? (An act this appalling deserves 3 questions)

Are they ever going to bring back dress gloves?

Vintage Hermes, yep

Do churches host bazaars anymore?

What has happened to my pink raincoat? Where might it be? Have I lost it forever? Will it show up somewhere soon? (I am grieved by this loss, so forgive my going on about it)

And, most importantly, what do I want for Christmas?

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