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“Oh, No!” Godzilla: Mardi Gras 2022

I removed my hat. The priest’s thumb against my forehead was warm with oil, the ashes gritty. Afterwards, he urged us during Lent to take a step—maybe two steps—Godward. The quiet service with no singing, no Alleluias ended quietly.

But before that, for a solid ten days, up and down the streets, day and night and into day again, the city celebrated Mardi Gras.

our house as Godzilla-land
“Oh, No! Godzilla!” Blue Oyster Cult
I took a bus from the Iris parade, fancied it up , and gave it to Godzilla
Mothra and Dogzilla
The backside of Mothra
The Oxygen Destroyer
Atomic Fireballs
Too much Mardi Gras

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