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New Orleans Magic

Today, Sunday of the first weekend in Jazz Fest when New Orleans magic pulses through the air like a fine purple spray, I saw an eighty-year-old man with hair the same color as his mauve shoes join a band playing in the Bywater in a furniture shop (a handcrafting furniture type of shop, not a gallery floor) to sing his one hit from 1958 and there he was, whanging away at a guitar half the size of his frail body, whooping out the lyrics to a rockabilly song then launching directly into another oneโ€””One, two, three!” before bowing and gracefully exiting from the makeshift stage.

New Orleans, we love you.

Green lizard with red throat on black wrought iron fence full of New Orleans magic
New Orleans magic, lizard style

Jazz Fest 2024, New Orleans Bywater, New Orleans magic

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