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Wild Goose, Y’all

I’m so excited. I’ve been accepted to the Wild Goose, y’all. They accepted a proposal for a contemplative writing hour as an Experience offering at this summer’s festival. Wild Goose Festival is a hippy-dippy Christian social justice festival held in fields north of Charlotte, best as I can tell.

Two other contemplative writers and I will be facilitating the hour. They asked me to participate. I was pleased to say yes—the couple attended the School for Contemplative Living’s August workshop at Dillard University and have been faithful leaders of our continuing contemplative writing group ever since. I’m really looking forward to creating this offering with them.

I’m thinking that my Lenten offering of a contemplative writing prompt each day—40 in total—was an immersive preparation for the festival. Like so much of life, what I thought I was doing for y’all was actually a lesson for me.

Don’t worry. I’ll be writing more about this as it progresses. I promise, you’ll be hearing all about Wild Goose, y’all.

An image of Wild Goose, y'all, from its Wiki page.
An image of Wild Goose from its Wiki page.

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