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Life’s Coming at Us Fast

So I’ll be quick:

Our beloved pup Evangeline went under the knife today.

With her crooked smile

With no warning, her right hind hip popped from the socket. (Both Tom and I had to apologize for this trait that seems to run in the family.)

The Queen
We take her EVERYWHERE
With Big Chief Bo Dollis

The emergency vet tried to do a closed reduction (what does it say about my life that I know this term?) to set the hip back in the socket. But her hips at age nine had significant arthritis, and the hip wouldn’t stay put.

So this afternoon a different vet performed what’s called FHO surgery. He rearranged a muscle to keep the hip in place. She came through it well. We’ll pick her up tomorrow afternoon, at which point we’ll become a doggy rehab.

And, yes, she will have to wear the Cone of Shame.

Being Sweet
Taking down the hedgehog
As Laika the Space Dog, Mardi Gras
Sweetest pup

Hopefully, this little twelve-pound bundle of love who others at the off-leash dog park would stop to watch run, who proclaimed her the fastest dog they’d ever seen, who can almost catch rabbits, will return to what she loves: running fast as the wind.

Evangeline Prewitt

Dog Hip Surgery, FHO surgery

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