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July 4th at My House

The breeze blows through the open windows

Letting in the Breeze
Letting in the Breeze

The fountain plays

Adding Water Music

Wind chimes add hidden notes

Chimes in the trees

Creatures still

Frog on the Lip

Waiting on the Saint

St. Francis Loved Frogs (it's true, says the frog)

Inside the fan whirls

Ceiling Fan in Motion

and we peer through screens at the wider world

Every Window has a Screen

It’s hard to capture shadow

Jazz Player in the Sun

and light
Sun on Wooden Chairs

Peace is easy

Stained Glass at Cottonwood

Tonight we’ll watch the fireworks from the balcony

The Balcony Protected by the Cottonwood

and eat more watermelon

THE Watermelon

We may even wave a flag

Flag in Geraniums


July 4th, sun and shadows, watermelon on the 4th, waving the flag

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