I’m Back!

Whew. My computer has been dead for almost two weeks!!! My fault. When we made a whirlwind trip to Memphis, I left my charger there. Then I did meticulous research on the charger I needed . . .  and ordered the wrong one. After a quick trip to the Apple Store, I unpacked the charger sitting in the mall version of Cafe Du Monde, not trusting that the clerk had given me the right one. This is what happens to my psyche when things go wrong: I conclude I’m snake bit, and everything will keep going wrong for eternity.

It didn’t. It was the correct charger. I’m back in business. And I need your advice.

It’s time to do a website update. Some site features have grown creaky, and two photos have simply disappeared! My brilliant webmaster has asked for feedback: anything you want to see changed? Or improved? Or added, like animatronics, maybe a talking version of me in a pirate outfit? (Okay, she has her limitations.)

Please let me know what you think. Everything—something you wished worked more easily, for example—will be considered for action.

In the meantime, please enjoy this photo of the Jean Laffite swamp where between the ghostly cypress gators lurk, awaiting the rise of the Barataria pirates:

Jean Laffite Swamp
Jean Laffite Swamp


Oh, expect lots of posts to come spewing forth in the near future. I have pent-up writing needs. 🙂

barataria, Jean Lafitte, jean lafitte the pirate

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  • I (rather selfishly) wish that there wasn’t the extra step to have to subscribe to comments. I also wish there wasn’t a timeout on comments. If I write a long comment, sometimes I take too long and it won’t post.

    • You aren’t the first person who has mentioned the timing out. Can you tell me how you’ve logged in—Facebook or Discus or your wordpress account? The latter, I’m probably thinking. I really want to get this figured out. Thanks so much for letting me know.

  • I arrive here by clicking on links in my email, either for posts and for comments. I am automatically logged in through WordPress in order to comment, probably because my email subscriptions are managed through my WordPress reader. (And this is my second attempt to post this as the first timed out and I hadn’t copied it before I tried posting so I had to refresh the page and start over. I’ll copy this time before I try to post.)

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