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Hard Truths I’ve (Recently) Learned

1: You don’t get Fitbit steps by wearing walking shoes.

2: The heat index is real.

3: Toilet paper doesn’t buy itself.

4: The dog likes me best when I’m giving her a treat.

5: When I say “I don’t want to do anything today,” I mean, “I only want to do what I want to do today.”

6: I spend most days not doing what I want.

7: Doing what I want is really hard.

8: Some days it is simply too hot to be outside (see #2 above).

9: If you talk about race, folks won’t like you as much.

10: Your brain isn’t always your friend.

11: I can get addicted to Mountain Dew in a New York minute.

12: I am not as smart as I think I am.

13: Many, many things are more important to folks than their love for you.

14: I wig out easily.

15: As a former lawyer, I will never serve on a jury.

16: I want to get all the difficult things taken care of so I can enjoy my life, but it’s like what my Daddy said about his colleagues who railed against the time they wasted putting out fires when they needed to get back to their real work, not realizing putting out fires WAS their real work—this is life, admit it and get on with it.

St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral channeling James Brown
St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral channeling James Brown

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