Dog Musings, Updated

I fed the plants with fish food today,
and my hands smell like fish gunk.
I turned my back for one second,
and the dog who won’t eat her expensive food
was lapping up the gunk.
I read on the internet she wouldn’t die.
I wrote a novel and gave the hero my
dereliction of housekeeping duties
(my sister once said, “Marcee keeps a cleaner house than you,”
and I silently huffed, she’s a full-time homemaker, I practice law.
But that was the hit dog hollering.)
An old friend told me this week
she remembered my husband from when we stood in the front of the church
and I recited “Ode to Puppy Tongues” while he held my 3 Yorkies.
It was a talent show.
I am so proud of my crazy younger self.
Who needs housekeeping skills

the fish food gobbler

Church talent shows, does a hit dog holler, my dog ate fish emulsion

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  • Lord have mercy. Please don’t let my housekeeping skills be the only thing on my gravestone…. Especially when I haven’t cleaned my own house since my second child was born over 25 years ago! Oh to be able to say “I’m a lawyer or I’m a writer or I’m a naturalist or I’m a physical therapist or I’m a park ranger or I can film and edit documentaries…. ” NOBODY on their death bed EVER wished they had kept their house cleaner. Do what you do so amazingly, Ellen 🙂 Write. Publish. Read in a talent show…. connect us to life and love.

    • Well, with that comment, you could be a writer! Elli had been visiting you, then she came to my house. I’m sure the contrast was stark. (“She has a wildlife refuge in her front yard; she can identify any type of animal poop; she took a bag of flour to her child’s teacher and said, you carry this, to prove how heavy her children’s books were”–just a few of the things I’ve bragged about you over the years…but I’m betting you don’t want poop expertise on your tombstone either 🙂 ).

  • I had a conversation on a Friday with work colleagues not too long ago. Someone said they were going to clean their house and I said I try not to clean house. They laughed uncomfortably and said “That’s why you have children, right?” And then I huffed, “Cleaning house is not a skill I intend to pass on to my kids.” Who wants to be remembered as a fabulous housekeeper? No one. Much better to be remembered as the woman who recited “Ode to Puppy Tongues” at the front of her church.

    • Thank you for supporting “Ode to Puppy Tongues.” 🙂 I almost fell out when she mentioned it. It was before Tom and I were married, which was almost 20 years ago. We certainly made an impression!!! (And I bet my sister doesn’t even remember making this remark about my house–she would never be one to value housekeeping skills.)

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