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Christmas Wishes

After 3 WEEKS of being sick, I’m feeling better and lifting my head to realize Christmas is barreling down the calendar. So up went the improv nativity

What you do when you’ve relocated cities without your nativity set: you scrounge from your home altar and make your own nativity, complete with black chicken soap, green bunny, and King Cake Jesus

who is a great successor to Space Alien Jesus from 2014, a real hit

Space Alien Jesus

and out came the Mardi Gras hat repurposed as a Christmas hat

My Christmas elf outfit, which kind of resembles Willy Wonka

and during a brisk walk through the Marigny a quick snap of my favorite Christmas decoration among all the lively New Orleans decorations.

The traditional Christmas T-Rex

which is a perfect compliment to my traditional blue and pink Christmas peacock

My Walgreens Peacock

And, yes: I love the Christ in Christmas and that my religion celebrates the physical incarnation of God into this world, thereby rejoicing in a world suffused with the Spirit and that no matter what I put in my nativity set or on my body or plug in during the starry nights, God is there in all the Spirit’s flashing, illumined, humorous glory.

I hope the Christmas Spirit or whatever activates your soul during these long, lonely winter months (or happy summer months for the folks down under) fills you with joy!

Christmas 2018, Christmas nativity

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