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A Random Sunday

Today at the Free Church of the Annunciation, we wrapped up the month of June doing We R Righting Group where, during the hour before church, we wrote about Re-Orienting Our New Selves after the discombobulating last eighteen months. We had fun. Fun, I say, if that’s what you think of the Holy Spirit appearing while almost-strangers share their newly-minted works in a supportive group. It’s my favorite, y’all.

During church, they asked me to tell the congregation about what we were doing with the writing stuff, and I ended my talk with, “So thank, y’all.” I sat back on the pew thinking, yes, you did. You said y’all. At the after-church hour, a man came up to us and said, “Those Southern accents–where are you from?”

Memphis, my husband said.

Memphis, y’all.

Oh, and I took butterscotch squares to the fellowship hour, a treat people loved, which tickles me because I am NOT the cook. Because I don’t cook. Because—thankfully—my husband cooks.

After all this church happiness, we went to lunch at our son’s restaurant with my leap cousin (definition: the cousin of your cousin on the other side of the family) who is the funniest, most endearing person and not even related to me by blood but can you believe it? She claims me anyway.

Then I had a great phone call with my sister whom I love dearly. After that, I filed the revised manuscript that will be workshopped at the fiction writers conference at the Virtual Valley mid-July. I had until July 1, so I was early–win!

Here’s a photo from our wonderful lunch at our son’s wonderful restaurant with its wonderful food. Life goes by fast. Enjoy it while you can.

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