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How to Display Millions of Kids’ Photos

I call our apartment in New Orleans our “grand baby apartment.” We never would’ve leased the apartment and begun spending half our time in the Crescent City but for the presence of our grandson in the city. Consequently, I knew I wanted a way to display photos of the boy. I also knew the boy would grow, and I would want to display newer, more recent photos. Soon I would have spent a ton of money on framing . . .  and run out of wall space.

So I devised this system involving metal rods, magnetic strips, and photos.IMG_3095

I bought the metal rods at Ace Hardware and nailed them vertically to the wall. The photos I print at for pennies. I snip the metal tape into small strips and tape it to the back of the photos. (The tape has self-adhesive, but I found it wasn’t strong enough to hold the weight of the photo for an extended period of time.) Then I arrange the photos on the metal rods. Once the photos are in place, you do not see the rods.

A section of the metal rods with photos attached
A section of the metal rods with photos attached

We’ve grown to two grandsons now. I never anticipated what a kick they’d get out of these photos. They sit at the table and gaze at the display, searching out themselves, their Mama, their Daddy, us.

I used two rods 'cause I knew I'd want lots of photos
I used two rods ’cause I knew I’d want lots of photos

I replaced a group of photos with new ones this week. I can’t wait for the boys to come over and find the new pictures.

Here you can see the full effect
Here you can see the full effect

Don’t know why I’ve been posting so much about my crafty projects lately, but there it is!



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